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Mega-Cap Stocks

Stock Market cap 2020 performance Origin
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Sponsored GDR 1,758.1 Mrd. USD 0.00%
Apple Inc. 1,615.4 Mrd. USD 25.89%
Microsoft Corporation 1,578.7 Mrd. USD 27.22%
Amazon.com, Inc. 1,496.4 Mrd. USD 50.42%
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Sponsored GDR Pfd 1,243.2 Mrd. USD 0.00%
Alphabet Inc. Class A 1,017.0 Mrd. USD 6.75%
Alphabet Inc. Class C 1,013.8 Mrd. USD 6.42%
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Class H 716.4 Mrd. USD -23.34%
Facebook, Inc. Class A 686.8 Mrd. USD 11.51%
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. 646.6 Mrd. USD -2.80%
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Sponsored ADR 634.5 Mrd. USD 0.29%
Tencent Holdings Ltd. 630.8 Mrd. USD 31.07%
Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, Ltd. Class H 611.3 Mrd. USD -15.36%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B 440.2 Mrd. USD -22.56%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class A 440.1 Mrd. USD -22.71%
China Merchants Bank Co., Ltd. Class H 426.7 Mrd. USD -7.92%
Visa Inc. Class A 377.4 Mrd. USD 0.58%
Johnson & Johnson 376.4 Mrd. USD -3.52%
Walmart Inc. 359.5 Mrd. USD 7.01%
Bank of China Limited Class H 326.7 Mrd. USD -23.33%
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