These functions help you with stock research.

Intelligent Search

The Intelligent Search supports you in the identification of promising stocks with the help of intelligent search algorithms. This way you can identify potential climbers early on and add them directly to your Watchlists for further processing.


You can use the Watchlists to group and manage your stocks. In this way, you no longer lose sight of a stock and can always access the latest information directly.

Stock Research

The Stock Research supports you in the intensive search for news, people and background information about your stocks. So you always get the whole picture and can make informed decisions.

Status Report alpha

The Status Report provides you with a current summary of the status of your stocks. So you can see at a glance whether there is new information about your stocks and whether there is a need for action.

News Alert alpha

The News Alert notifies you by email whenever there is new information about your stocks. So you don#t miss any important news and can react immediately to new developments.

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